Site Monitoring and Updates

The Problem

You get a website!


Your new site is up and it’s awesome!

You get hacked!


Your site is displaying wierd stuff!

You pay dearly!


So much time and money get you site fixed!

You Worry!


How do I stop this from happening again?!

The Solution

We’ll monitor your WordPress site and make sure WordPress, your themes, and your plugins are up to date EVERY DAY for just $2 a month!

One of the best ways to keep your site from getting hacked is to keep it’s software updated.  The web is continually evolving and improving and so are hackers.

You need to be updating your site regularly to guard against attacks and take advantage of new features in WordPress.  Don’t have the time? We got you covered.

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Terms of Service

What this Service Covers:

This service covers monitoring and updating your site software daily. This action alone will guard your site against security hacks due to outdated software – and it will allow you to take advantage of new features.

We will access your site every day and monitor it using a highly rated security plugin called Wordfence which scans your site files to ensure they haven’t been compromised. We also use a site monitoring program installed on our servers and plugin called InfiniteWP which we will install on your site to monitor and upgrade WordPress, public plugins, and public themes.

We are notified of any updates needed daily, and a real person (Cameron) is actually accessing your site daily to monitor it and keep it updated. He will handle most upgrades but will contact you if there is an issue that needs your attention. 🙂

What isn’t Covered:

Site monitoring and updates will avoid most hacking issues from ever happening. For most people, this is all you will need to prevent issues. But we are NOT guaranteeing your site will never be hacked.

If your site is ever hacked, or is already hacked, it will require additional time re-instating a backup or even hand-removal of malicious code to get your site back to the way it was. This is an additional service we can provide at an hourly rate.

The good news is that you will probably never need to hire us or anyone to clean up your site if it’s always up to date. Our scans will detect any issues if they exist and the exact problem will be pinpointed and available for anyone hired to clean up the issue.