Microsoft takes from it’s customers by Cutting Storage.

By April 21, 2016Uncategorized

While competitors like Google and Dropbox are raising the available storage for customers, today, Microsoft sent out a statement saying they are cutting back what they are offering to customers.

Their competitive 15GB of free storage will soon become just 5GB.

They will replace their 100 and 200 GB plans with just a 50GB plan and will no longer offer an unlimited plan.

The move is shocking considering how uncompetitive it makes them and doesn’t make much sense in a time when storage prices are dropping and storage is getting cheaper every day.  The decision is already having a huge impact on loyalty with office 360 customers moving to other solutions like Google Apps for work.

A free Gmail account offers 15GBs of free online storage and upgrading to Apps for work will give you 25GB.  Additionally, none of Googles online office productivity files count against your storage space.  Make thousands of online google spreadsheets or documents and your storage space is unaffected. Microsoft doesn’t offer this with office 365. and to top it off, customers are now losing storage.

Bad move Microsoft.



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